Rovina Flores


Rovina’s primary focus is on providing seamless patient care through optimized clinic efficiency. Her goal is to ensure every patient appointment is a smooth process from the initial referral to booking and ultimately to follow up.

Rovina used to manage a restaurant here in Vancouver and decided to change her line of career. She enrolled and completed her diploma as Medical Office Assistant with Honours last 2016. With her extensive background in customer service and patient care, she became a part of Infinity Medical Specialist Clinic last October 2017.

Rovina is optimistic and always ready to help. She is one of our “Ask Me” persons. Her main goal is to provide care to all patients from giving appointments to ensuring patients are receiving all possible treatment by the doctors and hospital

Rovina looks forward to meeting you. She is working her magic behind the desk and over the phone to help you get well and stay well.

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