Hypertension Clinic:

The patient care experience will include assessment by one of three specialists: Dr. Ritu Kumar (General Internal Medicine Specialist), Dr. Michelle Wong (Nephrologist) or Dr. Simone Cowan (Cardiologist), depending on their other comorbidities. Dr. Mona Kwong (Clinical Pharmacist) also participates in this special initiative.
The benefits to your patient are:
  • Access to collaborative care
  • Being seen in a timely manner (Currently, no waitlists)
  • Introduction of self-management tools at the time of the initial visitation
  • An expedited assessment and management of your patient’s medical issues.

Other services at Infinity Medical Specialists Clinic include:

  • Dr. Julie Chou (Respirologist)
  • Dr. Shalini Nayer (Respirologist, Palliative Care Medicine)
  • Dr. Sunjay Lakhi (General Internal Medicine with an interest in benign hematology, thrombosis, anticoagulation issues and perioperative medicine)
  • Peter Daugulis (Respiratory Therapist).
The clinic also offers exercise stress testing, holter monitors, event monitors, ECGs, level 3 sleep studies, and spirometry.