Diabetes Clinic:

The patient care experience will include dedicated time spent with Dr. Ritu Kumar (General Internal Medicine Specialist) and Dr. Mona Kwong (Clinical Pharmacist).
Appointment services include:
  • Optimizing patient’s glycemic control including insulin starts, targeted management, and goal setting
  • Assessing for complications and co-morbidities
  • Additional one hour in-depth education and counselling on patient specific concerns, lifestyle changes, medication management, use of glucometers, and injection technique for insulin
  • Exploring all avenues to maximize medication coverage for the patient (ie: special authority, third party)

Other services at Infinity Medical Specialists Clinic include:

  • Dr. Julie Chou (Respirologist)
  • Dr. Shalini Nayer (Respirologist, Palliative Care Medicine)
  • Dr. Sunjay Lakhi (General Internal Medicine with an interest in benign hematology, thrombosis, anticoagulation issues and perioperative medicine)
  • Peter Daugulis B.Sc., R.R.T., CRE (Respiratory Therapist).
The clinic also offers exercise stress testing, holter monitors, event monitors, ECGs, level 3 sleep studies, and spirometry.